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7 Tips for Passing the CISM Certification

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Want to take the CISM certification? Looking for tips on how to pass the exam?

You are in the right place!

CISM certification is a globally recognized standard of achievement in the field of cybersecurity management. Obtaining this certification takes time and dedication, but it represents a definite professional opportunity.

Not only will your file be enhanced, but you will be able to negotiate your contracts with private and public companies. In other words, it’s the best way to propel a career in IT security.

In this article, we will help you to pass this exam!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Ready to go? So let’s get started with our first lesson!

réussir examen cism

Plan your 90-day review plan

Are you committed to passing the CISM exam? Then you need to prepare a 90-day review roadmap!

Why three months? Because starting too early is the best way to procrastinate and not be sufficiently motivated in your revisions. Conversely, getting started too late is too risky.

Please note: When developing your study plan, consider your professional and personal commitments. It is important to define when you will review (time slot) but also to plan in advance what you will review!

Indeed, knowing in advance what you are going to work on, you will be more efficient.

Don’t know where to start with your revisions? We come to that just below.

Learn the CISM Review Guide at your fingertips

The CISM Review Manual is designed to help you prepare for the exam. It is easy to find and consists of organized chapters that cover the knowledge areas covered on the exam.

Use it as a CISM test preparation tool but also as an information security reference.

The book was most recently updated in 2017 for its 15th edition. This is the one you need! It includes case studies that provide solutions to the various problems that can be faced in information security.

The manual is divided into two sections. The first covers the basic concepts you will need to understand the key terms and logic of security. The second section outlines all the areas of knowledge you need to know before taking the exam.

Please note: This exam manual is a way to know what you need to master. Use it to test your knowledge regularly. It is available in both paper and electronic versions.

Train yourself with podcasts, videos, seminars or coaching

Working with books is a very good thing. But remember, it is better to aim for visual and auditory memory than just visual.

The human brain is much more attracted to video content than text, because it is easier to digest. The more interested you are, the more fun you will have, the better!

To do so, please refer to :

You will find a lot of podcasts and videos about CISM certification.

Please note: Podcasts are convenient, you can listen to them on the go or even while you’re resting. Videos, on the other hand, bring a different perspective because they allow you to take courses easily and at any time.

It is important to distinguish between officialISACA content (the organization in charge of CISM) and other content. ISACA’s are more indigestible, but 100% safe.

You will find many paid CISM exam preparation courses on the internet. This is a very good way to pass the certification, because by committing money, you will have even more obligations to invest in revisions.

Review important terminology

passer l’examen du cism

An essential point of this review is the technical terminologies.

The CISM exam tests you on information security issues. However, there are many technologies used in the security and computer systems sector.

It is therefore essential not only to understand them, but to be able to use them! You need to know these technical terminologies.

  1. Safety Standards: Candidates must demonstrate a general knowledge of essential safety standards. Such as confidentiality, accessibility, confirmation, integrity and consistency. These help solve problems that can arise if safety efforts are insufficient or incorrect.
  2. Security vulnerabilities: candidates must understand how cyber attacks are prevented, with what equipment, and using what programming innovation. The most common types of attacks are phishing, malicious code, malware, and denial-of-service attacks(DDOS), which aim to steal information.
  3. Network Security Issues: The candidate must be aware of the threats to an organization’s security and how to address them.

Here is a reminder of the terminology you need to know!

Focus on understanding, not memorization

Be sure to follow this advice, especially if you’re running late.

Memorization is the process of storing information in your memory so that you can retrieve it later. However, not only is your memory limited, it is not safe. There is short term and long term memory, do you master them perfectly?

Note: In fact, it is better to understand a concept than to simply learn it. When you understand something, not only can you use it very easily and in many contexts, but it stays in your head more easily!

This does not mean that memory is useless. But we want to tell you that you should not opt for the “rote” strategy.

Thus, you must promote conceptual understanding over memorization to pass the CISM exam.

Do some training (free or paid)

Allowing a candidate to take the CISM exam several times before D-Day is a huge advantage!

Are you the type of person who stresses a lot? The practice sessions prepare you for the situation you are dreading and thus allow you to be less panicky at the exam.

Not sure what the format of the event will be? A practice test allows you to discover the format of the questions you will face.

Don’t know what your weaknesses are? Going through a workout allows you to realize where you are comfortable and what you should be focusing on.

Please note: Official workouts are set by event officials. You can also take tests organized by companies outside the exam, but you will not have the same guarantees…

There are both free and paid tests.

Find out more below:

We invite you to do your own research on the side.

Our advice for the day of the exam

Finally, we would like to give you some perspectives on the day of the exam

Follow these tips to pass the CISM certification in the best conditions!

Take the CISM exam like a boss!

That’s it, we’re at the end of this article. Now you know a lot more about the test that offers the prestigious CISM certification. You have been able to read our advice and recommendations for studying and succeeding on D-Day!

Not only do you know how to review (work methods, organization), but you have learned where to turn for the best sources.

Now all you have to do is register for the exam, if you haven’t already done so, and prepare your 90-day review plan.

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Cette publication est également disponible en : FRANÇAIS




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